Introduction to Funrise

2 min readNov 19, 2021


FUNRISE is a digital content exchange that allows: easy buying, selling and collecting content from your favorite TikTok & Instagram bloggers.

Why is Funrise taking place?

NFT awareness is low. NFT is a hot topic, but a lot of people really don’t understand what NFT is and how NFT can be used. NFT trading platforms are the same for most users. Current markets don’t pay much attention to brand positioning and marketing activities.

NFT stands for Difficulty for most users. NFT technology is often associated with cryptocurrency, which means “complexity” for ordinary users.

The market is currently highly segmented. There are content markets, but their approach and communication is aimed at cryptocurrencies.

What do we want to do?

We strive to make the service as simple as possible: technically and communicatively.

Create a niche for social media content trading.

From TikTok, Instagram and others.

To make nft technology available to the mass user.

We strive to make the service as simple as possible: technologically and communicatively.

This is our advantage over marketplaces that integrate directly into social networks and allow you to sell content only from it.

Therefore, we want to be the largest social media NFT aggregator.

Why would people buy content that is already available for free?

For buyers:

● To make income by reselling.

● To show support to favourite bloggers and content makers.

● To create unique collections, designed according to your concept.

● To become a part of the new digital economy.

For sellers:

● For extra income.

● For collecting donations from fans and followers.

● For promotion.

● To maintain awareness and attract new target audiences by using “cool” and modern technology.

Why Funrise?

●Simple authorization and account verification for sellers and buyers.

●Downloading content directly from social networks.

●Special Funrise content popularity index that helps users to orientate in the world of NFTs prices.

●Eco-friendly cryptocurrencies.

What’s for crypto investors?

Funrise token FNR usability:

●Payment method.

●Platform fees discount feature.

●Passive income instrument (staking & farming).

●Branded NFT staking instrument.

So everyone will have a chance to earn some money, you just need to pick what suits you the best!

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Funrise is the first digital content exchange that allows easy buying, selling, and collecting content from your favorite TikTok & Instagram bloggers.