How to create NFT from Instagram

2 min readFeb 25, 2022

We are pleased to present you with an easy and clear step by step guide on how to create NFT from Instagram! Enjoy the simplicity, because after that you can show your own NFT to your subscribers and start earning money from selling your content!

Let’s go!

You can create an NFT by clicking “Create” on the Profile page and tap on Instagram.

If you didn’t connect your Funrise account with Instagram, the following steps would also take you through the authorization process.

Create NFTs from INSTAGRAM

Choose Instagram

You will need your credentials to log into your Instagram account.

Allow access to Funrise

And that is it. You can now mint NFTs using your Instagram content.

After social network connected, tap “Create NFT” once again and choose Instagram as a source network.


1. select the post you want to turn into an NFT and tap at Create

2. fill in the information about your artwork: more details, the more interest in buying.

3. сhoose how you want to sell at a fixed price or by auction.

Congrats! That’s all.

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