How Funrise will help to grow your account?

3 min readApr 19, 2022

To date, social media is not only an entertaining means of gaining popularity but also a great platform for matching art and new technology.

What if you can not only express yourself through your art but also earn money thanks to your skills and talent? NFT is the perfect way to do so.

The audience of modern NFT markets and social media is vastly overlapping, giving an opportunity for all creators, bloggers, and fans to start earning income on any type of digital content in a transparent, intuitive, and easy-to-track manner.

Nowadays everyone, teens, single moms, and high-skilled professionals, are equal in achieving their goals thanks to blogging and NFT. This combination is the cornerstone of Funrise, a Social NFT Marketplace that enables the NFT and DeFi markets

accessibility to everyone by offering intuitive social media content as a platform for tokenization and monetization.

So how can Funrise help your account grow?

Best tips for creators. Trade your content from TikTok and Instagram easily

With Funrise you can monetize your posts in different ways.

  1. If you have or used to have several social networks, try to make different collections and see what your followers will like.
  2. If your posts are liked by followers and collect hundreds and thousands of likes or

comments, this is a great option for a collection. You can also categorize posts by a

certain number of likes and arrange “teasers” or giveaways for posts that get a certain number of reactions.

  1. Effects are very popular on TikTok and can be sold as a separate type of digital art on

Funrise. Create a series of effects based on their theme, design, and complexity.

  1. Monetize your fails — create an exclusive collection of your biggest flops. Today, anything that was once a mistake can become a rare collectible NFT (remember the “defective” stamps, which are hunted more than the usual ones).
  2. You can sell not existing content — NFT is great for releases, premieres, and launches.
  3. If you love shopping, things, and accessories and your followers often vote on which

outfit to buy and what to wear — use your photos and video reviews from fitting rooms and dressing rooms and sell them as NFT.

  1. Imagine that if you are a dedicated fan, go to all the matches and capture the best

moments in your TikToks, reels, and stories — you can monetize it!

Best tips for businesses.

On Funrise, brands are inclined to use our variety of product mechanics as part of their marketing campaigns.

  1. NFT collections based on films, TV series, cartoons, comics, and games are among the most popular on the market. Launching these kinds of collections can breathe new life into classic projects or be timed to coincide with new releases.
  2. You can give away product tokens to your Funrise audience in exchange for the product, discount codes for your store, or any other type of promotion that your audience might appreciate.
  3. NFT technology protects event organizers and ticketing services from fraud. The most simple and advanced way of selling tickets for any kind of event (gigs, film premieres, screenings, launches, etc), as well as flights and train tickets, are through NFT, ensuring security and protection from fraud.
  4. Everything sells music tracks, albums, releases, rare or unreleased recordings, video clips, or exclusive compositions. The first tokenized album was released by DJ 3Lau, who raised $11 million from the sale.
  5. NFT technology can work in two directions for any items and products; by applying a QR code to the actual object you can send the user to Funrise’s virtual NFT version of the item, and vice versa — through buying NFT objects, the user can get real bonuses from brands.

Additional bonuses

​​You can offer your followers all kinds of things. For instance, you sell the NFT of your TikTok and additionally promise the buyer:

■ Sweatshirt with your autograph

■ The opportunity to visit you on the set

■ Repost your post

■ Anything you want


Using Funrise, you can sell existing or new content directly from your social networks +

fundraising + self-promotion + teasing and audience engagement tools.

We inspire bloggers to create more valuable content while helping them understand the

the underlying truth that they could (and should!) be earning much more from it.

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Funrise is the first digital content exchange that allows easy buying, selling, and collecting content from your favorite TikTok & Instagram bloggers.